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Patterns in Cyberspace

Hi, I’m Harsh.

You can call me Elliotyagami, if you like.

I build and break open source software for fun.

💼 Experience

Software Engineer at squarepoint capital - Second half 2020 onwards.

Software Engineer at salesforce, First half of 2020.

Worked on creating k8s operators with kudos, kubebuilder. Later created a generic and declarative operator framework which used containers for CRUD operation.

Blockchain intern at hyperledger, summer 2019.

This intern included working on X.509 certificate transparency using hyperledger(CTB or HFCTB). Developed and deployed blockchain network, worked with docker and kubernetes, maintained multiple servers on digitalocean, create web interface for CA and a firefox extension for querying state of certificate within CTB.

Devops and Pythonista intern at, summer 2018.

Worked on aws lambda, rds and dynamo for making the application distributed. Wrote chat flows for their chat application.

full resume for more.

👦 About me

Usually code in golang/js/python.Currently, learning rust(atleast trying to).
Interested in blockchain and distributed systems.
Surfing and morning walk for relaxing.

⚛ Projects

🎓Bug Bounty

  • Witnet DOS Bug: Cause of this bug was unterminated connections, which i hijacked by sending large number of malformed protobuf message.

🔗 Blockchain Testnet

  • Cosmos Game of zones: My team astronomia helped in testing and attacking IBC relayer component, with keeping connection live with minimum packets(Challenge 1) and sending huge number of message to all zones to stress test it(Challenge 2).

  • Elrond Battle of NOdes: It comprised of exciting and cool missions, I submitted scripts for signing tx with priv key instead of using mnemonic, sending batches of message which helped in completing the missions very fast and ran nodes.

  • Avalanche Denali: Ran nodes , submitted PR for supporting REST request over grpc calls.

  • Witnet 2020: Created bot for node operators, modified ethstats to witent-netstats frontend, wrote witnet net backend from scratch, submitted bugs and ran nodes.

🖥 Hackathons

🗺 Around the ‘Net

You can find me: